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There will be a community event this coming Sunday, January 17, 2021. It is scheduled to start at 8pm (CET). We are still hoping for participants from the [Pad]Community. Please write us here in the forum or in Discord under #events if your are interested to participate.

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First of all, we wish you a BOOM-BOOM-tastic new year 2021. We hope you slipped over comfortably and calmly and had a nice time in the small circle. Maybe you also used the time to play a little bit World of Padman. You already had the opportunity to do so on the first Padday of this year. Also this year the Paddays will take place on the first Sunday of each month.

A BOOM-BOOM-tastic new year 2021

Now to the actual topic. We had already announced it via Discord and also in our last Christmas greeting. On coming Sunday, January 17th, 2021, we will host a community event in cooperation with Haus Enten. It is planned to lead a team of longtime Q3 players of the Haus Enten against a team from the [PAD]Community into the field. Only team game modes from World of Padman will be played, i.e. Spray Your Color, Big Balloon, Capture The Lolly etc. So inform yourself about it. You need World of Padman version 1.6 and probably ENTE’s PadPack with the maps PadCastle and PadGallery. It will start at 8 pm (CET) sharp. We will inform you about server and access data in time.

Even if the [PAD]Community seems to have a home advantage, you should not rest on it. There should be at least 4 vs. 4, but at best 8 vs. 8 players. According to the current status, there are already 5 registrations at the Haus Enten according to their forum. Also at the [PAD]Community there are still spots available. Please don’t be shy and contact us via Discord in the channel #events or write us in the [PAD]Community forum here on ModDB/IndieDB. It should not escalate into a hardcore clan fight, but a chilled event among friends!

Finally, we are planning a live stream in our Discord for those who can’t participate directly. Also, Adri_HuN has agreed to edit your demos, if recorded by you, and publish them on YouTube. We think this is really great.

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