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Dear Friends, The Art Intelligence team is pleased to announce the development of our very first project; 'Harturion: Tower Defense', An online free to play, multi-player, Tower defense game.

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Harturion Tower defense takes flash-based TDs to the next level; A distant future where Earth is ravaged by war with a ruthless alien force.
This Tower Defense game is not just about blowing things up. We Believe the key element to any successful game is an excellent well developed story line where you are thrown into a whole new universe. Our vision is to create a Tower Defense game that you an really get hooked on; something you can immerse yourself in.
Harturion puts you in a war with a detailed and appealing story line that takes you across the globe from Tehran to Singapore to New York to defend the last bastions of humanity from annihilation. You will take control of the Earth Defense Initiative's massive arsenal and organize defenses against the Alien swarm.

For the moment the game is a flash-based game, but we intend on expanding it further.

There will be a trailer coming soon and we'll be keeping you posted!

Art Intelligence Team

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