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We're finally done testing the distributable Linux version of the game. There's a Windows release too, but who cares?

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  • New “Tower War” map: Winterforge.
  • New music track for Winterforge.
  • Several OpenGL fixes and efficiency upgrades.
  • Male characters now sport facial hair.
  • Bird characters have a variety of beaks and possible face/beard styles.
  • Move range is now displayed in combat and while holding “shift”.
  • Rollcoon is now a monster in “Battle Arena”, with new spell animations.
  • Scary Halloween monster near the end of “Battle Arena”.
  • New, better-looking animated water.
  • Individual maps can specify their time of day.
  • Distributable Linux binaries!
  • “Tower War” now broadcasts messages when towers are under attack.


  • Priest’s “Heal” spell just got a BIG buff, so… heal more!
  • Multiplayer balance changes to “Battle Arena”.
  • MP3 files replaced with OGGs.
  • JPG files replaced with PNGs.
  • Camera is no longer glued to characters in “Character” keyboard mode.
  • Height bonuses are now calculated by angles, not tile height difference.
  • Magic attacks are no longer effected by height bonuses.
  • Messages at the top of the screen now have black bars for extra visibility.


  • No longer possible to walk up steep walls using WASD.
  • Can no longer be pushed up steep walls either.
  • Shadows now properly draw on bridges, rather than on the water below them.
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