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The game is getting stuffed, come and discover with what.

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It seems I grow more absent as i get closer to finishing this game. The road is so obvious to me right now, there is no time out, always something to do next. And i always feel like i'll post something here as soon i finished this feature, but then i need this one to make it shiny and understandable, and then this one and so on...
And i end up never posting anything, but let's change that. There is a lot of things you need to see.


  1. Destruction
  2. Escape
  3. Behaviours
  4. Tools
  5. Conclusion

1) Destruction

This is basically its defence, all the means by which it can impede your progression.

All the things it can destroy

2) Escape

This is basically its main objective, and the reason why it might be doing all the previous destruction stuff.

Here is the simplest of all escapes

3) Behaviours

There is a plethora of new behaviours but here is a little selection i've made for you, to tease while remaining mysterious. I'm a marketing engineer after all.

Gigantism, a powerful escaping spell

Oviparous, in case you're wondering where they are coming from

Mana channelling, so it doesn't just spam all this stuff, right?

4) Tools

Same goes with tools. I've restrained the formula to two components only, which makes a new total of 14 tools.

The Chiller, so it can rest and enjoy life for a change

The Room Former, so you can change the level according to your needs

The Translator, so you can actually understand what it is saying

And finally, the tool menu, so that you can learn everything there is to know about what is at your disposal

5) Conclusion

I realized a few months ago that it would take me too long to achieve the initial vision and content i had in mind for this game. So i decided that it would be better to settle on a shorter, more "demo" but also more "best-of" and straightforward version. So i can quickly see if people or publishers like it, and continue or move on. I thought a lot about what would be the best elements to have in the game in such a version. Then it's basically been railroad mode since i made up my mind on those matters, and i'm very close to the end, so hang on. Few things left:

  • Save, so you don't have to finish the entire game in one run (very advanced)
  • Progression/Difficulty curve
  • Balance (creature behaviours and resources)
  • Debugging
  • Playtesting

Très bonne journée à vous,

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to keep up with my progression

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