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Exhibit of explicity fresh & new content. Mostly cutscenes and music.

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I know it's been a while, i tried to find the time to write a new log sooner but it's so precious to me lately, i just couldn't spare any.
I used to do them on sundays but now i'm working most of the weekends to make a bit of money. So when i do have a sunday, i prefer to go on a walk in the countryside to refresh my mind.
But these days belong to the past because i'm here, typing right now, for your greatest pleasure.

Since it's been several months, there is too much added to the game that i could cover in only one log, so i'll keep it to the blingest. Like so:


  1. Narration
  2. OST
  3. Conclusion

1) Narration

This is it. My game has a beginning and an end. It's all wrapped up like the big boy that it has become :)
I know you're not supposed to expose your entire game's narration but i'm too excited about it, sorry.

So, it begins like this

And then it ends like this:

2) OST

You're TWO tracks late guys, i never had the chance to present two tracks at the same time because i'm so slow making them...
But since i seem to be even slower at writing logs, here they are:

This one is for the main scene and the discovery menu

And this one, as you might recognize, is for the ending cutscene and credits

And here is a link to the full OST, for your pleasure:

3) Conclusion

Content is still insufficient, creature behaviour needs improvement, couple of missing features, couple of bugs... there is still a consequent way to go, but it's really taking shape and it's actually kinda cute.
Lately I try to be more productive so i don't have to crunch too much, i hope i'll have something presentable by christmas (well rounded game with 10 tools and 10 discoveries would be a great start).
Here are the most important missing things:

  • Save, so you don't have to finish the entire game in one run (in progress)
  • Demon escaping/cooperative/rebellious processes so that you can loose
  • Tool menu, so that you can understand their purpose better
  • Mutagenes
  • Progression/Difficulty curve
  • Balance
  • Tools, moar of them so that you can fun
  • Discoveries, moar of them so that you can even more fun

À la bonne journée à vous messieurs mesdames,

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to keep up with my progression

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