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YEAH! What a great day to finally say it - Hard Minus Classic Redux is available for sale on steam. HOORAY!

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Many-many alternative realities are existing in game universe, and in every of them happens something extraordinary. And for solving troubles at this problem zones exist corporation "HARD MINUS", which hiring restless souls from rest of the galaxies. Soldiers, mercenaries, even weebs-outcasts - they forced to die again and again for corporation and these interests. But "life" isn't so boring.

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Unlike our character. Falling from the tree saving neighbor cat, he even does not suspect thats he became one of corporation employer. Or he is... Hitting in XIX centry he saw that period doesn't looks like in history books. Robogopniks, mutated flysqirrels, gooses with flamethrowers. This one of that plase, that need to be solve his problem. After courator's call, taking huge arsenal, our path going to the heart of siberian taiga, at the epicenter of anomaly. Thats where the journey begins.

opisalovo4 en
- Smooth control.
- Dynamic fights with slow motion, roll-up, and rocketjumps.
- Various bestiary.
- Wide choose of guns.
- Competitive element stopwatch.
- Coolest electronic soundtrack.

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