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Our monthly progress update of November 2019 and news.

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Hello players!

Happy thanksgiving, we thank you for your enthusiasm in Kakele!!

Progress Video

As promised, here is our monthly progress update:

Aside from the map, the content of the game will be mostly reused (items, spells, monsters), as we are converting it from Kakele 1.0, but we are redesigning most of the game formulas. In terms of features, we have made good progress server side (but there isn't a way to show you that :)), and client side we are still getting there (as seen in the video).

Test Server

Many have asked when there will be a test server. It is hard to give an estimate, as we want the first version to be as polished as possible. We want to get the game released just as much as you do! We predict that we will have a test server running by the end of the first half of 2020. The test server may be missing some features but the game should be fun to play (features like friends list and trade may be introduced after the test server). Having the test server running for too long isn't desirable, for a couple of reasons: 1) We don't want players to have a partial experience in the game, nor lose their progress when we release the first version. 2) It costs money to keep it running ;) (we already pay some amount for domain hosting, development software, servers, lots of coffee..).

Game Art

Most of our art comes from free resources on the internet which are free to use for commercial use (e.g.: itch.io, opengameart.org), and the remaining is done/assembled by Lucas :) We cannot and do not use RPG maker graphics (or derived). Our long term goal is to have our own art done, including sounds and music, and not have to use graphics from multiple sources (for the sake of originality and consistency). We are researching about game graphic designers to hire/partner/collaborate with, but that is not our priority for the first release. If you have any references please do let us know!

Discord Server

About the Discord server, we will setup one at some point before the test server. We will first publish the community general rules (for in-game and out-game rules), so stay tuned.


You can send us questions via DMs, a reply on this post or the game page. We will answer all the questions you still may have in our next post!

Best regards,
Bruno & Lucas & ViVa team

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