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It's the most creative time of the year. Come learn about all the exciting things happening this month in Mondrian - Plastic Reality and in the Lantana communities.

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Ah, Makersmas. That most obscure of artistic Holidays has once again graced us with its modernist beauty, and bestowed upon us gifts from a plastic reality beyond the canvas.

Yes friends, our annual celebration of creativity has returned. We have a LOT in store for the entire month of December, so buckle up.


What is Makersmas?

Makersmas is a celebration of creativity, and cannot happen without you! For the month of December, our Artwork tab is open to anything you're working on: Mondrian Studio creations, more traditional works, music, your Etsy, you name it. Think of our Community page as a little popup arts and crafts fair. Anything you're selling, SOMEBODY is buying!


What is there to do during Makersmas?

First and foremost, in the game's Adventure Mode, you will notice a Green Pine and Red Crystalline tree in the Museum. The Green Tree will give you daily cosmetics that you can use in your Museum, and the Red Tree will give you daily Gem Bonuses! We've updated the Green Tree with EVERY COSMETIC FROM THE LAST YEAR, including all the columns, ceilings, and baseboards; the Porcelain Collection; and the Art Hallow's Eve, Autumn Barn, and brand new Icy packs. More than 50 cosmetics have been added in total, so you're bound to get something great!

Each week we will be doing different things in terms of community involvement. This includes:

  • Themed Mondrian Maker Contests with new Holiday and Wintry templates
  • Steam Key Giveaways
  • Twitch Sub Giveaways
  • POAPs, Custom Frames, and other stocking stuffers
  • Cross-Promotional Opportunities with some old friends
  • Celebratory Livestreams
  • Discord Stage Art Discussions with Special Guests

As mentioned above, the Artwork section here on Steam is yours to self-promote! Share your works and we'll help signal boost as best we can. We'll also have new, Makersmas themed merch (yup, that means ugly sweaters!) available on our Redbubble Store within the next couple of weeks.


Patch Notes

Of course, it wouldn't be a Mondrian update if we hadn't gone above and beyond with new additions and fixes, so here are the full patch notes for the 1.0.10f7 update!


  • Global: Activated the Makersmas event! This means snow, as well as a general Bluish color harmony, on the Main Menu, and the return of the Makersmas Trees in the Museum. The Green Tree gives you free Cosmetics, and the Red Tree gives you a random number of Gems. Grab your daily gifts to help you build out your space, and snag the limited-time Makersmas Riches, Goodies, and Avarice Achievements. Makersmas runs through January 1, 2022.
  • Museum: Added the Icy Cosmetic pack for Makersmas
    • Wall: Ice Castle
    • Floor: Frosted Metal
    • Ceiling: Vaulted Igloo
    • Baseboard: Frosted Victorian
    • Column: Ice Pillar
  • Museum: Added cosmetics from the last year to the gift pool in the Green Tree
  • Studio: Added a “Mask” slider to the VFX tab. This slider displays your creation in strict Black & White (switch on Night Mode for an inverted version). By pressing the Copy to Clipboard button, you can then quickly paste it into the graphics editor of your choice and use these masks to create transparent images out of your creations! Check out our Masking Guide for more details.


  • Studio: Backgrounds can now be toggled back on if they are turned off under Options > Audio/Video
  • Steam: Removed the “Gallery Mode” Guide tag

Bug Fixes

  • Main Menu: Fixed Backgrounds showing if Backgrounds are turned off under Options > Audio/Video
  • Main Menu: Toggling Backgrounds On and Off will now toggle the background on and off in the Menu itself
  • Main Menu: Made a small fix to controller movement
  • Main Menu: Fixed “Razer Chroma RGB” being selected when the mouse cursor is over Film Grain under Options > Special Effects
  • Gem Chest: Fixed Backgrounds showing if Backgrounds are turned off under Options > Audio/Video
  • Leaderboard: Fixed Backgrounds showing if Backgrounds are turned off under Options > Audio/Video

Known Issues

  • Construction Presents from the Green Tree (Walls, Floors, Columns, Ceilings, and Billboards) are saving correctly, but coupons are not being spent correctly. This means that gifted Construction items will be infinite… temporarily. Good luck, have fun!


mondrianPR 275

I think that will about do it for this update! The first Gala Contest begins on Monday, and in the meantime we'll have livestreams on Twitch and other little happenings on Discord. Happy Makersmas everybody, thank you for playing, and can't wait to see your art!

- Danny

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