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Housing system is launched! Along with more content and quests for you to explore!

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Here we are again for another thrilling update. There are a lot of changes but the bulk of it is about the housing system. If you have not seen our demo video, please check it out:


We thank you for your suggestions to improve the game. As a reminder, we have a Forum where you can post suggestions. Please post them in English, but feel free to write them in your own language and use Google translate, and then make the post with the text in English and your language. Here are the news:

- Housing system. You will be able to rent a house in Kakele, 1 per player in your account. You start by making a bid in gold coins, and the bid lasts for 24 hours. Other players can outbid you, and the bid duration is always extended to 1 hour if there is less than 1 hour left. After the bid duration completes, you have got yourself a cozy house! From the second month, you need to pay rent. The rent depends on the size of the house, and is always in Kakele Coins. If you don't pay the rent, the house is returned to the market and your items to the bank. You can invite other people to enter your house, and they can drop and pick items up, but only you can customize the house. The players in your account are automatically invited to enter the house. If you have questions please use our support Discord or the community Forum.

- Explorers Guild. This guild has returned to Kakele! For those that didn't play Kakele 1.0, this Guild explores and collects monsters products, in the name of the King. They will be able to reset your "collect items" tasks, making some solo hunts precious for farming tons of gold.

- Reduction to the server boosts prices. We have heard you and we understand that it is worth more selling your coins for gold. For that reason, we have reduced the price of the server boosts, by a lot: 100 KCs for each boost but the experience one, which costs 500 KCs.

- Blacksmith changes. First, the blacksmith upgrades will never fail. You will be able to reset your equipment statuses, for free (but you don't get the gold back). The ores respawn 3x faster, and they stack up to 30 now.

- New monsters, items, quests, events and dungeons! There is also a Halloween event, a pigs race and the Coliseum! Now we will be able to determine who are the best at PvP! NPCs will sell more weapons and equipments up to a certain level as well, to help the newcomers to better prepare for their adventures. As a reminder, we will not spoil the new content to you, not even to our CMs :) So please don't ask!

- New spell for Mages and Alchemists, the "cancel mana shield". It is simple as that, it cancels your own mana shield if it is active.

- Changes to the burning, poisoned and healing over time statuses. Before, those would trigger every 8 seconds. Now they trigger every 4 seconds. That also means that the damage itself was reduced to reflect the duration and hit turns. For monsters, it means less damage and harder to be "burned" in one hit by dragons. For Mages, the damage over time will be slightly greater. For Alchemists, the duration was reduced instead, but the total amount of healing is the same.

- Hunters and Berserkers balancing. We have added a "mana shield" ring that can be used by all vocations. That helps but it isn't enough to protect Hunters and Berserkers, which are having a hard time with stronger monsters. Because of that, we are making them to have 12 HP per level instead of 10 HP. At level 100 they have +200 of health, at level 200 they have +400, and so on. In addition to that, both Hunter and Berserker AOE spells are now slightly stronger, and they have a wider area of effect. Finally, for Berserkers only, they will recover part of the damage dealt by the Infuriate spells in health! After these changes we will keep an eye on all the vocations and adjust if necessary on the next updates. So no need for storms in teacups!

- Changes to player stacking. The infamous "red trap" will be harder to execute now. Spells that are targeted at a single player will only hit that player, no matter what. Area spells will still hit everyone in the stack.

- Herbalism changes. It takes 3x less time for it to grow now at the last stage. The cost has been raised, for each 1000 HP and 500 MP it starts to get more expensive. The cost is still per item, and you use one herb per stack.

- Tons of client improvements. We have added most quests to the "Quests Tome". It means that you will be able to see which quests you have not yet started, including tasks and bounties. We have also added a "main storyline" for those that prefer a linear gameplay and suggestions on what to do next in the game! There is also a performance improvement where the "battle swords" will only be renewed if there is less than 30 seconds left. This will require less processing and network usage. We have added lock hotkeys to prevent accidental scrolling and better equipping off-hand items with two-handed weapons.

- Some bug fixes. Such as some jumping and swapping areas that were causing trouble.

As you know, in November we will be working in a Guilds system. If you have suggestions please use our Forum, send us an email or fill out this form: Zfrmz.com

And lastly, please welcome our new Community managers:

Ariems: he is going to help us build a stronger Spanish speaking community and to moderate the NA server.

Atosh: Atosh is back baby!

Billyff: he has been helping a lot of players in the EU server, and is contributing a lot to building a nice community there!

Daziod: Daziod also plays in the EU server, and he has a good experience moderating another very similar game to Kakele.

Silvaniita: she speaks many languages, and will also help Nano to interact with the Spanish speaking community!

Zayler: he has experience moderating online games, and also "moderating" people in real life :) Zayler will be helping Atosh, Gosik and Wesley to moderate the SA servers.

Congratulations and welcome! For those that have also applied, we appreciate it! Please keep up the good work in making Kakele a nice game to play and we will for sure need more help in the future again :)

Thank you,
The ViVa team

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