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Post news RSS Happy Birthday to 1 Monster Truck vs. 61 Children!

A very quick post to anyone who follows 1v61. (Thank you very much!) I wanted to recognize that it's been nine years since the release of this stunning game! I'd also like to mention that I am in fact working on a remake. (Hopefully it comes to fruition this time!)

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Hello dedicated fans! First I'd like to thank anyone who follows my creation here! It's very much appreciated. (As I'm sure this won't make the front page xD)

Today (December 17th 2019) marks nine years since I released this stunning game! In that time I've learned to actually program rather than rely on Game Maker and have earned a degree in electrical and computer engineering and now work at a prominent semiconductor company popular amongst gamers. (Feel free to check out my site at PeterMiller.engineer)

Throughout these years I've always intended to go back and re-build 1 Monster Truck vs. 61 Children better, bolder and more MS Painty! I'd made an attempt at one point and shelved it.

At some point I did create a port for the Atari 2600, which I'm pretty proud of. You can download it here and run in an emulator or real hardware via a Harmony Cart. It even got a pretty good review by a YouTuber:

Per the HD remake, I've lost what few assets I've had. But recently I actually purchased Game Maker Studio. Sure I could learn how to do visual stuffs in C++, but honestly, I don't feel like it. Sure I could go with Unity like everyone else, but GM was a big deal for me when I was younger and it's what the original was made in. It's got a heritage here.

So when will I actually have a remake? No clue. I'd wanted to release today, then I just got busy. And that's just how it is. So hopefully sometime next year. We'll see.

So happy birthday 1v61 and thank you all! :D

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