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We're grateful for the phenomenal response and swift pace of upvotes we've been receiving; we read each comment and then weigh your suggestions directly into our design process. In fact, we're including one of your suggestions in Super Motherload - Hardcore Mode. After seeing the demand for a feature we've toyed with implementing, we decided to include it. If you want to see Super Motherload on Steam, please tell your friends to vote and send them the link.

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We've got a fair bit of ground to cover yet!

Here are a few of our favourite comments so far:

  • "Motherload is back to teach Minecraft to respect its elders! >:D" -TheJunkieBox
  • "This will be one of the best games of 2013" -Maltese Knight
  • "Voted yes for the music alone" -Hyperzypherian
  • "YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES." -217
  • "Take my money. TAKE MY GODAMNED MONEY." -Timelogic41 ^<(,ಥ+++ಥ)>^
  • "Only communists would hit not interested" -myroad420
  • "Ill give your mother my load if you don't make this game available soon." -Daneil
  • "...if this game doesn't get the greenlight, then my mind will be blown ... XGen is an amazing studio, always have their player in mind." -purgatorypirate

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