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Post news RSS Hairy Tales is now out on Desura for Windows and Mac!

Our puzzle/action Hybrid is now out on Desura! Reviews and trailer inside.

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Hairy Tales, our "fiendishly difficult" puzzle/action hybrid inspired by ChuChu Rocket and Lemmings, is now out on Desura! It stars the Hairys, little slavic fairy folk who are trying to clear their land of corruption, but are not very bright and will normally just run on a straight line. You can find your own solution to any of the 72 stages by dragging tiles into place, from arrows to teleporting wells, to help them change direction, handle increasingly complicated challenges and deal with enemies and powerful bosses.

Not only stages have multiple possible solutions, but optional goals as well, which you can temporarily leave aside and come back for later so you can get a perfect score. The game has gotten great reviews so far, including:

  • "The puzzles are all really clever, and the ways you go about solving them are a whole lot of fun. We really liked the fact that there seem to be more than one way to solve the puzzles. That kind of flexibility is rare and adds to the feeling that you’re playing something unique and creative." Erik Carlson, slidetoplay.com
  • "Hairy Tales is an enjoyable puzzler and a great example of how to integrate a variety of puzzle elements with real-time action, all in a title wrapped in a fantastical weird shell." Erick Ford, TouchArcade
  • "A vibrant, quirky world ripped seemingly out of an off-brand fairytale, a jaunty folk soundtrack, and a complete lack of sleazy monetization all add to the rock-solid puzzle mechanics. So while this tale may get a little hairy sometimes (I couldn’t resist), it’s more than worth the price of admission. " Eli Cymet, Gamezebo
Desura Digital Distribution

Hope to see you on the forums to discuss strategy, ask for tips or even brag about your solutions!

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