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The first footage showing off the Hacky Sack game mode found in Clothesline Carnage!

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CC Update week of May 14th, 2016

Hacky Sack Gameplay Footage

Before we get to talking about this week's update, let me first call attention to last week's update, or more accurately, the lack of an update. We were doing a lot of programming behind the scenes to get some new features implemented, one of which is getting pixel scaling to work on any size display. Currently, and you can somewhat see it in the footage below, pixels can get stretched or distorted, causing some video anomalies. We have fixed it just a few days ago so now the game looks crisper! We also made map creation much easier by having all the art tiles snap to a grid; because of these two changes, all the levels have to either be reworked or recreated altogether. Creating levels is now much faster, however we didn't want to go another week without an update, so the footage below is of a slightly older build just before these changes. Anywho, onto this week's update!

The Hacky Sack game mode uses the same physics from the Volleyball mode with a twist; you want to be the last person to touch the ball before it hits the ground. The player that last touches the ball will receive a point, and a new round will start. The game will either end when a player gets a certain amount of points or the timer runs out.

This video shows off a regular match of Hacky Sack between three players.

This next video shows off a match of Hacky Sack with a tiny ball that is extremely heavy, with instagib turned on (instagib means when you charge a punch and hit another player, they instantly explode into juicy gibs) It also contains the first footage of a new tileset called Arena. It is still using placeholder tiles, until we get some new ones created!

For next week's update, we will show off another new mode, called Coin Collection. We will also reveal a brand new character we just finished putting into the game, as well as a few other smaller updates on progress.

All comments and critiques are welcome! For any questions, message me here on IndieDB or email me at derrickw@dwivideogames.com

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