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One of the first major updates regarding the hacking has been implemented

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One of the biggest, and most, complaints I get about Retool was the hacking interface. It sucks. I knew it for a long time. I tried to delay it for as long as possible but this past week I decided to tackle it head-on. Over the past few months, I had written notes on how the new hacking GUI could possibly work. I implemented them all and settled on my favorite design. Therefore, without further delay, I bring to you the new hacking GUI.

I designed the GUI and controls around my number one priority, to make it work with keyboard and mouse, and gamepad. The GUI now feels a lot easier to use, and since I have been the only one that has been using it, it has received 100% positive feedback.

I have also added a 2-second delay to the initial hacking of a computer. I didn't think it would be that realistic for players to just go on a computer and start hacking. When a computer is hacked, it will make all the electronics linked to the computer glow (with a simple light, but will update it at one point). I also updated all connection lines between electronics so that they are animated. Now it is easier to see how the electronics are connected.

The one thing I do miss from this GUI is the ability to see all the different electronics connected to this computer in a list. I might implement this back in depending on what feedback I get from the new GUI and controls.

Here is the tl;dr update

  • Updated hacking GUI and controls
  • In hacking mode, electronics glow to show that they can be 'retooled'
  • Electronic connections are now animated show the player how they are connected

Below are some GIFS of the new hacking GUI in action.

hacking computer delay

hacking gui 1

retooling electronics 1

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