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The test server is online! Check out the official website or here on the files tab for the download link.

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Dear players,

We are thrilled to announce that the Test Server is online!!!

Please update your Java version before downloading the game!



Question: How do I play?

Answer: We are starting with the Desktop app only for now, and we will release the Android app soon. To play, follow the instructions at Kakele.io

Question: Why and what features are missing?

Answer: We have decided to release the test server as soon as possible. Because of that, some features are not implemented yet. They include: trading, chat in between maps, friends list, rankings, game wiki, ...

Question: How can I help?

Answer: Just have fun playing the game!! And let us know what features you like or dislike, you can share your feedback with us at Kakele.io.

Question: But really, how can I really really help?

Answer: We are accepting donations! You can find them in-game when choosing a character. Players that make a donation (regardless of amount) will receive an special item once the game is launched, and the top donors will receive some extra goodies.

Question: Is there a community of players? How do I reach you?

Answer: Yes there is, you can join us and many others in Kakele.io

Question: I found a bug, or I am having trouble playing the game.

Answer: Reach out to us on Discord using the #help channel, or via our website contact page. The goal of the test server is exactly this, to find the bugs and problems in the game.

Question: I have lost my password, how do I recover it?

Answer: Please make sure to create an account with a valid email address. For now, recovering passwords is done manually. Contact us via the contact methods listed before.

Question: But this is a test server, will I lose all my progress when the game beta is launched?

Answer: We will be applying many adjustments as we go. The idea is to allow players to keep some of their progress.

Question: When will the test server be over and the game graduated to beta?

Answer: That is a hard question to answer. We promise to work hard towards that goal, and you will see the updates in the test server as we implement the features and fix bugs.

Question: I am experiencing some lag, what do I do?

Answer: First, check that the problem is not with your network. Load any video on YouTube and see if you can watch it normally. We are hosting our game servers on a shared cloud, which means that there may be some short periods of slowness. Private cloud servers cost 4x more, so if you feel generous and want to sponsor Kakele please let us know ;)

Question: Why are all the servers in NYC?

Answer: Actually they are near NYC, but not quite there. That was the best location to start with, as people from the Americas and West Europe can play with a reasonable latency. You can check your ping ingame, and with 200ms or less you can still achieve a good gameplay in Kakele. We do plan in the future to open servers on more locations.

Question: I have other questions not listed here.

Answer: Reach out to us on Discord or in the contact page linked above! We are happy to chat with you.

Donation How To

Here is a video with a tutorial:

Kind regards,

Bruno, Lucas & the ViVa team.

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