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Masthead Studios announces their new map featured in the upcoming shooter GUNS and ROBOTS SOFIA, BULGARIA—December 18, 2012—Masthead Studios, a leading independent game developer, today released new map screen shots of their free to play title GUNS and ROBOTS.

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The new map of GUNS and ROBOTS represents classic American house. The American house is a multiplayer death match map, small in size to make the action more intense. Most of the deadly close-encounters take place in the backyard. The map features indoor and outdoor environments with many pickups and breakable objects to shoot at and distract the opponents.

American House map

The new map allows players to test their robots in new situations and gives them countless hours of re-playable content. Dictated by the humor of its creators the map is scattered all over with dirty laundry, fun random objects and a remarkable swimming pool, which is difficult to cross. The maps appear randomly and players can not choose which map they will be playing on.

The desolated backyard is not a traditional yard with flowers but a torn-up deadly place where players will meet their opponents. The American House is suitable for the competitive players who enjoy adrenaline-pumping game play modes. There are many rooms to explore but players should stay alert for what hides behind every corner.

To give you a taste of what is to come, here are some screenshots:


GUNS and ROBOTS is engaging free online shooter with inventive character design and an endless list of customization features. The game combines fun art with almost unlimited game play. The characters are able to move freely all over the maps, engage in battles, climb up the rankings and unlock various achievements. They will be able to choose their equipment from variety of weapons and over 150 different parts. The incredible battle mechanics combined with funny looking robots adds a whole new perspective to the genre.

Features of GUNS and ROBOTS

  • Enjoyable and extremely funny online arena battles where you literally blast your way through. The game provides players with thrilling assortment of maps to explore and dominate. There are fun, breakable objects to shoot at all over the maps.
  • Customizable characters with wide variety of weapons and over 150 different parts. In GUNS and ROBOTS, the robots come in three module classes based on players' assembly and unlimited options for character customization.
  • Adrenaline-pumping game play during many levels adding a new dimension to the TPS category. The different maps add fine mixture of thrill, speed and action to the game play.
  • Dynamic combat experience. Players can choose to line up for “death match”, race, “capture the flag” and other game mods engaging in high-level real-time combat.
  • Custom designed arena to test the look, movements and weapons of each robot configuration. BIG or Burn-In Garage provides each player the option to build his character from scratch to the ultimate killing machine and test their shooting skills while assembling their robot.
  • Team up with friends and fight together against other players.
  • Pinpoint enemies with multiple weapons simultaneously. Thousands of potential combinations per weapon allow players to fine – tune their arsenal according to their game play preferences.
  • Best of all, GUNS and ROBOTS is Free to Play!

For more information about GUNS and ROBOTS, please visit: Play-gar.com or Facebook.com

About Masthead Studios

Masthead Studios is an independent game development studio focusing on innovative and quality games bringing to its fans enjoyable entertainment experience. The company was founded in 2005 with focus on the MMORPG genre. The primary goal of the studio has grown into making high quality, original and fun games for various platforms. The team consists of highly experienced and dedicated talents with fresh ideas. The headquarters of Masthead Studios are in the emerging technology hub of Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information please visit

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