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Gunlocked gets a new pilot, new weapons, new utilities, a new symbionic upgrade, and several reworked and rebalanced upgrades for all you fire bugs out there.

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Everything burns in this week's patch for action-roguelite, Gunlocked! The Pyrotechnics update brings a host of new upgrades and balance changes centered around a fiery theme, and a brand new Pilot to wield them. If you've got a burning desire for some hot roguelite action (I'm not sorry), then now is the best time to pick up a copy.

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In this patch:

  • New Pilot: Pyre
  • New Weapon: Hail Mary
  • New Weapon: Fire Frakker
  • New Symbionic: Heal Mary
  • New Utility: Pressure Cooker
  • New Utility: Accelerant
  • Weapon Update: Sunstriker
  • Weapon Update: Leymines
  • Raypalm Rebalance
  • Junk Drone, Support Strike, Slag Shot augment balance changes
    Bug fixes

gl banner pyre

New Pilot: Pyre

  • Weapon: Sunstriker
  • Augment: Hot Streak. When fully charged, Pyre is granted 2 seconds of the Overcharge powerup, reducing all recharge timers by 90%. Killing enemies fills the Hot Streak's meter 2.5%, and taking damage reduces it 25%.
  • Unlocks with: Kill It With Fire Achievement

gl banner hailmary

New Weapons

  • Hail Mary: A target appears, moving left and right with you. It locks on to and fires homing flares at an unshielded enemy in the area. The farther you are, the more damage the flare does, up to 10.
  • Fire Frakker: A targeter charges up while on enemies, and releases a cone shaped blast of 3 short-range projectiles that do 50 damage each, burning enemies in a larger area.

gl banner pressurecooker

New Utilities

  • Pressure Cooker: Force effects now have a chance to apply burn
  • Accelerant: If an enemy dies while on fire, they have a chance to combust, spreading fire to other nearby enemies.

Weapon Updates

  • Sunstriker
    - Sunstriker is now a beam and fire weapon
    - Both targets simultaneously erupt instead of alternating
    - Now applies burn effects to all enemies hit (see below in balance changes for burn debuff details)
    - Has had its base damage reduced from 50 -> 26
  • Leymine
    - Now releases a force pulse that pushes nearby enemies back when triggered, creating a safer incentive to pursue them, and synergizing with current and future upgrades that affect force-type equipment.
    - Leymine projectile base range has been doubled, covering most of the screen from the start.
    - Leymine projectile base speed is now 50% faster
    - Note: There is a bit of a tradeoff here, as it makes hitting nearby enemies less likely, but farther away enemies more possible, all while keeping the player much safer.

Balance Changes

  • Burn effects now always deal 24 damage over 1.5 seconds, but multiple burn effects can be applied to a single target.
  • Raypalm
    - No longer scales in damage, and has had its timer and area adjusted now that burn effects can stack and do standardized damage. It now grows in area incrementally at levels 3 and 4, instead of all at once at level 4.
    - Level 2: -20% recharge time
    - Level 3: -20% recharge time. +35% area of effect
    - Level 4: +35% area of effect.
  • Junk Drone
    - Scrap Cost increased from 20-> 25,
    - Chance for scrap to drop reduced from 25%-> 20%,
    - Duration reduced from 6-> 5 seconds.
  • Support Strike
    - Support strike is now always active, but with a base 34 second recharge time.
    - For every 10 armor below your maximum, the base recharge time is now reduced by 3 seconds. 1 second minimum recharge time.
  • Slag Shot
    - Now creates 3 projectiles that deal 25 damage each instead of 1 that deals 50.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented augments and utilities with recharge timers from taking advantage of the Overclock powerup
  • The burn debuff was previously sometimes doing 1 less tick of damage than it should have been
  • Fixed an issue that caused slag shot bullets to consistently favor the left side of the screen
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