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Gunkatana just launched on Steam Greenlight, and we've released a playable pre-alpha build right here on IndieDB!

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Hello everyone, I'm Geraldo, I'm making Gunkatana, the cyberpunk ACTION game, a retro-inspired carnagefest :twisted:!

We've just released our very first playable build, featuring local multiplayer, with optional AI bots so you can play on your own. The finished game will include a single player / co-op campaign!


The megacorps are staging brutal combat all across the city. Choose your fighter and take the city back with LASERS, KATANAS and the unique TURBO RAILS.


Gunkatana's pre-alpha build includes

2 playable characters - Sin Viper & Clarke

2 levels - Deathzone 666 & Priss Strip Club

3 exclusive Retrowave music tracks by Electric Cafe, from Aqua Kitty and Rock Boshers fame


Experience a ruthless combat system: one-hit kills, KATANAS that deflect lasers, bombs, exploding cars, and the ultimate danger - HIT N' RUN 'EM with your FEET on the SPEED RAILS!


Easy to learn but hard to master. Use the uniquely designed speed rail system to move lightning-fast from one place to another, as you decapitate and eviscerate your enemies.

LOCAL MULTIPLAYER: A multitude of co-op and competitive game modes, with every one fighting for themselves or in teams.

CAMPAIGN MODE: Ravage the city on your own or with a friend and uncover the secrets behind the Gunkatana Tournament! A deep cyberpunk story intertwined with knuckle-whitening arcade action.

POWERUP IMBUED: Change your murdering tactics in an instant! Designed by the megacorporations, powerups allow you to move faster, drop bombs, fire more lasers, heat-seek your foes and much more!

ImageFeature   Explosion

RAIL GRIND: The fast-beating heart of Gunkatana. No rails, no future! Zip along the levels at your leisure, but be careful: you can get run over!

TACTICAL LASER: The merciless lasers will bounce back and kill you, but not if you know when and where to fire them.

SPIN ATTACK: 360º blade attack, wreaking havoc all around. Fast and deflects lasers! Knocks people off the rails.

STAB: Dashing forward, sword in hand! Slow, but breaks through the spin attack.


We're working towards a full release in late 2016. Vote for Gunkatana on Greenlight and bring this murderfest to Steam!

Gunkatana is currently pre-alpha. The build available for free is a demonstration of our vision and a proof of concept.

There are more characters, combat mechanics, levels, and a whole single player / co-op campaign in the pipeline. Check out the local multiplayer demo now, it includes early AI bots so you can play on your own as well.

Steam Greenlight
Official Website


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The Gunkatana death matches weren't always the slaughterfest-spectacle they are today.

Some remember when it was different, when Gunkatana meant uprising and revolution. In the velas, the city's neglected shantytowns, riots turned violent as inhabitants fought for rights and citizenship. Back then, Gunkatana meant freedom.

Then the megacorporations co-opted the concept and now sell it for profit. It has become a way of steering unrest and opposition into the right channels. They're siphoning off the most violent and charismatic rebels.

Not all is lost, though. Among those training to fight, a feeling of dissent is growing stronger. But the corporation doesn't plan on releasing its grip on Gunkatana anytime soon...


Gunkatana   Character Select

Gunkatana   Tetsuo Industries

Gunkatana   Batou Street

Gunkatana   Priss Strip Club

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