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Gundam Rerelease Personal update for the fans of this project.

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Ok wow, tons of stuff going on. All kinds of real life junk happening but the good news is that it is at it's head this weekend. I am graduating this semester from college and had to line up a job and place to stay. Well, I am taking care of the graduating part(I HOPE) this coming week and hopefully the new apartment stuff will happen shortly there-after. Also my main computer has been down for about 1 1/2 months thanks to a cornicopia of issues. So no gundam work has been done lately.

Before the computer issues, I was working on some of the new units and models. Pictures of said units will be posted after my computer is restored. Sorry for the delays guys but I will keep going and I hope you guys out there are still enthused about this project and what will be added in the future.

I had to reupload the file for gundam due to some spring engine bugs. The bug workaround was submitted by KDR from within the spring community. So the file link also was invalidated thanks to some file server issues and that also had to be updated. So Kdr, merged his fix and I made a minor graphical fix and 1.11 fix3 was released.

Sorry for the delays guys but things have been really busy and not having a worthy machine has prevented me from posting proper shots. :(.

Oh looks like I Have to add a bloody shot. GREAT ok, I can post a shot of one of the new buildings.


Alright, been waiting for this.

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