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Guilds, war system, new content and much more! Download now from our website!

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Hi there,

Finally the Guild system update has arrived! Download the game here:


There are many possibilities and ideas floating out there, but we wanted to start with the simplest system possible and evolve from there. The details about the system are described here, and you can also post questions and suggestions:


We are also trying out a Facebook group as a complement to our Forum, so please join us if you didn't already do so:


We want to thank everyone that has been helping Kakele grow, and we are very excited for what is to come in 2021. We will be doing things from redesigning the graphics, which will bring more uniformity to the game style, to adding sound and music to the game! New suggestions are also welcome, and you can use the Forum or Facebook to write them.

Starting from this update, we will move to a bi-monthly update cycle. This means that we will be updating the game every 2 months. This will allow us to plan more ahead what we want to change and test it thoroughly before launch. This also means that this is the last update in 2020, and we really hope you enjoy it. The next update will be by the end of January or beginning of February.

Here are the new changes:

- Guilds and war system! Please check out our Forum for the details about the system. This system took a while to be implemented, but we hope to make PvP more dynamic and fun with it!

- Santa Bear! Find him in Kebelessa for a gift, if you have been a good child of course :)

- A complete new map floor! This is aimed at higher levels, who will now adventure themselves in the highest of the skies!

- New items, monsters, event and quests to be solved!

- Changes to how healing friends work on PvP! As suggested by many, healing a player on PvP while you do not have PvP on yourself isn't fair and we agreed on that. For that reason, you need to turn the pacific mode off and you will get into PvP when casting passive spells into your friends, if they are on PvP. We have also raised the minimum level to PvP to 20, so the Tutorial Island is safer for newcomers.

- In the subject of vocation balancing, we have added two new exclusive summons for Mages! They will be able to summon a "Skeleton Warrior" and a "Monk".

- Server transfer is now available in the game Shop! You can transfer between servers from the same type, or from Open PvP to Optional PvP. The transfer cannot be undone, and you will lose all the items in the Market, House and your Guild! Be sure that you really want to transfer first.

- Improvements to the House building dialogs! Check it out and let us know what do you think. We have also fixed some bugs in there.

- Revamps to Quests, dialogs and events, such as making the Coliseum more strict when allowing higher level players to enter the lower level arenas. We have also reduced a bit the difficulty of the Hydra Worms event.

- Improvements to the game interface! Check out the new health and mana bars and let us know what do you think!

- Quality of life improvements, such as turning the pacific mode on everytime you enter a Protection Zone so you are not caught by surprise.

- We are making the fire path part of the Pithos quest to be Protection Zone. So blocking the path over there is against the rules.

We hope you all enjoy these changes and new features, and the ViVa team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a great start of 2021! Here is a bit of a spoiler of the new released content:

Best regards,
The ViVa team

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