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Brainstorming kickstarter title names. Should I use the game title only, the game title plus a colorful description or the game title and the genre of the game.

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According to this article on a marketing website that specializes in copywriting I should either use Guardians of the Rose only or Guardians of the Rose and a brief/accurate description of the game for the best Kickstarter title.


Most people on the original twitter poll chose that Guardians of the Rose alone would be my best choice but the article that I linked above says that is rarely better than the 2 part structure of title and description. I am personally leaning towards: Guardians of the Rose, Magically Adventurous but that was the least voted for of all four twitter poll results.


So maybe I should add what I prefer to the two options that tied for the 2nd most votes. What do you guys think of these two options as a Kickstarter title:

Guardians of the Rose, Magically Adventurous Action RPG
Guardians of the Rose, Magically Adventurous Story-Driven RPG


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