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Hello! We are pleased to present you — Gripper Action-RPG. Welcome to our page and let's be friends! 

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We are here with our new project — Gripper Action-RPG.
We’ve recently made a big and important change to our project — we’ve moved to Unreal Engine. Gripper now looks good enough to eat! But there is always room for improvement, so back to honing graphics, physics and effects we go.

What is this game about?

It is the prodigal son of Mad Max and Zelda. Action RPG on wheels where you rip singing hearts of your relatives out from bosses.

The game’s main character is the silent None. He lives on an abandoned farm with his sister Nada, a deaf singer, in a world with almost no water left. He has nightmares about his parents and about a gate full of hypnotizing light. He leads a normal life until someone sets his farm on fire and his sister disappears. None follows her voice that speaks to him from the hearts of strange mechanical creatures. He tears them apart and rips out their hearts to sacrifice them to the greedy gate.

Key Features

  • The voices. A heart-rending story based on memories of loss told in beautiful songs. Follow by the voices of those you've lost. Bring them back with the hearts of bosses.
  • The hook. Use your car’s hook to tear bosses apart and hit them with their own weapons.
  • The gates. Feed the heart-eating gates to gain new abilities like strafe, jump and others. Craft them from the mechanical parts of enemy bodies.
  • The world. Discover the vast open world filled with terrifying creatures taken from your worst nightmares.

Game Modes

  1. Campaign — a story-driven mode which takes 4+ hours to complete and tells about the main character None who is looking for his missing deaf sister Nada. Nada sings to None from the huge mechanical creature’s hearts. None tears bosses apart to collect their hearts. Those voices become a song which opens gates leading home.
  2. Side quests — collect all statues of your long gone parents and reveal the secrets of bizarre relationships between AI that has created this open world and his creator.
  3. Nightmares — arena battles with 6+ bosses which becomes harder and harder each time while they gain new abilities based on your style of play.
  4. Not alone — fight the Nightmares in coop mode together with your friend on a single console. You play None (blue car) and the second player is Nada (yellow car). Both players have unique abilities and stats.
  5. The Hook — try to complete the story without aiming features of the hook. Use your car’s torque to throw objects. For hardcore players who have completed the Campaign and all the Nightmares.
  6. Developer mode — pass the Campaign with exclusive materials from the developers. More stories behind the scenes: how a real death of game designer’s mother and his divorce became a deep game mechanics.

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