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Fumiko! was greenlit after 20 days & New features to show off!

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"Fumiko! has been greenlit after just 20 days!" is something I should've told you earlier. The game got through greenlight in november. Ever since, I put all my focus into finishing the game to keep the promised release window intact. It worked!

The official release is only some weeks away. A precise date will be announced with the official release trailer. I'm excited!

New Review

BigBossBattle.com highlighted Fumiko! while it was still looking for votes on greenlight. Check it out!


Now comes the interesting part. I haven't shown you the latest features added to the game in a proper way. Besides adding a completely new chapter of story to the game (the big #4) that I don't want to spoil for you, there are some pretty cool new things.

Shield Orb Ability

This new ability shields you from most of the enemies you encounter in chapter 4. This allows you to concentrate on the bigger threat instead of dealing with these lower A.I.'s.

More A.I. Play

Do you remember the Fumiko-A.I.'s from the last article? While you are able to use these copies of yourself as a decoy, you can use these bird-shaped copies of yourself as a projectile to cause some neat explosions. No actual birds were harmed in this video.

Pause Menu

I'm pretty proud of how the ingame menu has turned out. If you press ESC ingame now, the world around you will freeze to allow for a short break. The music is lowered and you can take a deep breath even while in the heat of a boss fight.

I implemented a key to hide the menu as seen in the second video. Use it to admire the scenery or take screenshots. I'll definetely use it for the next trailer.

Thank you

For your interest in this article if you read it or your interest in the game if I was able to reach you. This debut project is everything I care about at the moment and I'm looking forward to a smooth and bugfree release. I just received some old hardware that will serve to test the game on the harshest conditions. See you soon!


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