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First week on greenlight, destruction physics, rigid body physics, new infinite road generator with improvements...

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Added voronoi destructible items on the infinite road maps, there ar ealso automaticly generating bus stops and petrol stations:

Added rigid bodys on the road you can knock out and send flying:

Infinite road now generates not only 4x intersections but T-based as well

If you like the game, please consider voting for us on greenlight:

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Full changelog:

11:07 AM 3/1/2016
move away from XTK(will prevent many problems associated with it such as limiting sound quality!), since our new cSound api is working nicely
we forgot to enable hands in menu!
gas stations as well, very needed
bus stops around the road
we can signifcantly improve the road by adding busstops, every 50 or so on FWD only
the last stage is voronoi idea

10:11 AM 2/29/2016
distant tree idea
added good convex object creation
trashcan added :D
parkchair works
on turns after turns add convex entitys so you would hit them on wrong turn!
first start with just some wheel lying around!
police car horn sound bugfix

10:12 AM 2/28/2016
add simple houses to trees around the roads
let's randomly add country house, add additional random where we build trees
stuff on the road, since we create dynamic we can create some trash on the road that we can destroy with car!
we must drop physical bodies with comrel, somehow we need to attach them, so if we release them, it will drop them as well, we can actually now call, clear on them, since we already build our clear, that will solve many collision problems with invisible stuff!
deleting spawn zones added
we must also drop all spawn points, we must attach all that to single structure so we can drop entire road block with all that stuff

11:15 AM 2/27/2016
T-base intersections ready
T-BASE collision problem

4:04 PM 2/25/2016
needed to move lim_cache to runtime computation
also we need better spees control on turns, now it just set it to very high value
poligon_contr mesh update
partial block for nasty trees
separate trees and road building
cleaning roads by having additional cleaning
clearing roads behind your that are not visible
added less turns, faster speed
better spawning for ai added
the reason for bad interstions is simple we rotate them :D, then can't be rotate unfortunately!
there is also invalid intersection information, which is very bad, we think the cause is rotation[We have many lanes on 1 limiter]
some cars jump on spawning and fly , perhaps we need to adjust their height, adjusted additonal height for their wheel offset

9:32 AM 2/24/2016
ROAD NEAR THE END can be solved by extruding the roadbox, for about 300 that will allow ground to always exists around the road
trees and now branch buggy less
interior problems for police car fixed[mostly wrong names for blinking]
clearing window bug also fixed for police car base
some trees are too high above the ground
bullet raycast to tree added
creating 4 roads from intersection test 1 ready
random rotation of intersection added

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