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Post news RSS Greenlight! and more updates [2/25/2016]

Greenlight, new signs, gps updates and infinite road generation.

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We have been working hard this last week since the last updates and we have lots of stuff to show you guys before the end of February.

We have added the game to steam greenlight, you can view it here

The most important feature that will be in the next build is random map generation, it will build a infinite road from pieces, add intersections to it and will build the road around you, randomly, as you travel

Signs on intersections has been update to match the Russian road standards:

Screenshot 2016 02 17 12 05 33

GPS Navigation has been re-textured and improved:

Screenshot 2016 02 25 11 19 57

Many cars had problems with indicators and rain, that all has been fixed.

Full changelog:

5:53 PM 2/22/2016
START WRITING RANDOM ROAD GENERATION, SEPARATE MAP FOR IT NEEDED, 2D PLANE, save last rot to correctly turn meshes, start from forward ones_4x, then to 4x intersections then to t and 2x intersecions, after that is ready let's start with connectors and other stuff

5:46 PM 2/19/2016
STARTED random road generation project
first problem is to have correct last turn, otherwise it stops working
need to cut mirrors from cvx object[may require reexporting exteriors for all cars!][logan almost finished]+clear names+recompute lod

11:50 AM 2/17/2016
major sign update for intersections to match standards

9:29 AM 2/14/2016
fixed camera angles
fixed wiper anim miss crashes
k*maz needs fixing

3:48 PM 2/12/2016
fix gps sign sz
long minibus glass bug
car wipers is white

8:19 PM 2/11/2016
added new gps sign
patched the rest of cars to correct sizes
make the same type of cam_movement by holding caps_lock
make caps_lock +wsad controls!
trsl fuel fixed

9:24 PM 2/9/2016
tbu* convertion + long + others
s*zukiR convertion
m*zdaR convertion

1:39 PM 2/8/2016
u*z converted

1:39 PM 2/8/2016
*s*zuki convertion

9:38 AM 2/6/2016
night problem in debug build is resolved
e3d_alnvec erase function added
m*zda convertion[LOD improved,mirrors, *internal rain+ *internal rain outside]
minor car unblock fix

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