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Post news RSS Greedy Guns' beta is out! Come play it!

We are proud to anounce the first ever public beta of Greedy Guns for PC-MAC-LINUX. Time for you to try it out, alone or with a friend! Also check out the new trailer that Miguel Cintra did for us!

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Let the shooting begin!


We are really proud to announce that Greedy Guns Beta is finally out. It as been a great journey to accomplish this. We have spent some time polishing it so you can enjoy killing everything that moves to get the illusive holocoins. This beta includes the complete first area and a couple of secrets to find. Can you find them all?

Download it now!

What's this racked all about?


Can a ubiquitous corporation ever be evil? Of course not, profit is beyond ethics! That’s why HOLO CORP isn’t shy of sending mercenaries to explore and preventively attack alien worlds. In return they get artifacts and DNA that they can use for much needed research. The Greedy Guns team is happy to work for HOLO CORP as long as they pay well. And do they ever. Too bad they also sell them their guns.

Will our mercenaries survive this increasingly dangerous world? Will greed still be their driving force by the time they are through?

Our new trailer!

Watch it. Download the Beta. Enjoy.

Give us your feedback!

This game wouldn't be possible without all the great feedback we get from you all! Tell us what do you think! Leave a comment! What would you like to see in Greedy Guns in a near future? Are you feeling Greedy?

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I got the game, but don't recognize any key as 'fire' after the ship landing, and also the game don't recognize my xbox controller pluged on USB.

Is good to put the list of keys (as WASD and what I use to fire)

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atum_ramirez Author

The fire while using the keyboard is the left mouse button.

We have tried the xbox one controller on usb but not the old ones. We'll give it a go to see if we can find the problem. Thanks for the feedback!

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here some feedback, i hope you can do something with it

- things happen way too slowly, introduction of enemy types, getting a second weapon , seeing the "shop" - the player is no baby, the first 15 minutes are your most important to make the player stick, show something cool

- the level feels like a drag as a cause. Why am i doing this again ?
For money ? What can i do with the money ? I dont know yet. Money feels 100% worthless until you know what you can do with it. Even if you know, if things you can buy are not exiting, players wont be happy to get money. If you name it "greedy guns"
money needs to feel amazing. Also dont spam coins so hard, less means its more valuable.
Make levels shorter or add more undisruptive text from hand

- challenge, you need way more enemies in there, its way too easy and it feels boring as a cause. So what if the player dies, he can respawn, make it hard. Challenge gives a aesthetic, meaning player will feel something while playing. Put way more and more varied enemies from the very start on

- weapons, if you make a shooter, that gun you start with should do something special, make it bounce from a wall or anything, its very unspecial, it feels good due to the sounds and vfx , same for the rapid firing one, but the effect and gameplay is bland. if you have 15+ guns, those were ok, else make them more special somehow. Also the rapid firing one is a plain upgrade, why would i still use the first ? make both worthwhile

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some of the effects with soft glows etc and the coins do not fit the style of the rest of the art

The healing wells are not as obvious what they do
At some point i didnt know if i was actually progressing the right way
and felt discouraged to progress
Interface on monitor should be curved, feels odd
Sometimes it was impossible to jump to the left, also jumping feels delayed and not direct
What i liked were the sounds and the hit effects, the art in general is fine, but environments would need some extra details to look not too repetitive. the swarms of flying monsters were cool at first sight, but you used them too often and without adding something afterwards, the story with the hand and all is cool too. Keep it up guys !

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atum_ramirez Author

Yeah, we're getting a lot of feedback because of the repeating and long levels. Takes to long to sell the world (the coins, the store, the weapons). We are thinking of developing some levels from the end of the game and take those lessons back and remake the first area to have more punch.

Thanks for taking the time to write such thorough feedback. It's exactly what we need to make this one a great one :D

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Hoping to help the portuguese developers(!).

There's something not quite right with the jump movement of the main character. The animation for the double jump does not seem fluid enough and more important you don't seem to have control to move right of left when you're in the middle of a jump. That makes you land many times in the wrong place.

I hope the developers could have sometime to fix this, because that would make the game much more enjoyable...

Really enjoyed the artwork, just one or two spots where some elements did not fit well.

PS: Make the keyboard keys customizable...

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atum_ramirez Author

Yeah, the jump needs some love. Everybody is complaining and we abide!

Customizable keys should come in the future. Especially cause nobody wants to open the store with ENTER it seems :P

Thank you a million for the feedback!

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