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During the past two weeks we added a reworked grassland environment as well as the completely new tundra to the tactical combat of the game. At the same time we added a lot of smaller fixes and additions!

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Worldmap Update

This week's update adds a new combat environment: the tundra. Flat and stony plains, sparse vegetation and a unique look make it stand out among the growing collection of different environments to do battle in. Here's how it looks in the game.


Next up is a reimagined version of the forest environment. We have a pretty good idea now on what we want to do in order to have fighting there feel unique but at the same time get rid of some of the usability issues currently haunting it. While the new forest didn't quite make it in this week, a related quality of life improvement did. You can now find an optional 'Always Hide Trees' setting in the game's option menu to always hide the top part of trees, whether they occlude a character or not.

A large chunk of the last two weeks was spent discussing where we want to take the game from here, budgeting and planning things out. You can expect the result of this, a detailed blog post about what we're going to add to or change about the game during the remainder of Early Access, right here next week.

Have a nice weekend!


  • Added tundra combat environment.
  • Added optional 'Always Hide Trees' setting.
  • Changed smaller trees and boulders to only have their top part translucent when a character is positioned behind them, and no longer turn translucent as a whole, in order to make things more clear.
  • Changed noble house contracts to be bound to a single settlement once they've been fully negotiated in order to avoid some potential issues if the player accepts them at a different location later on.
  • Changed durability of some two-handed weapons and bows to be slightly higher.
  • Changed 'Wolfriders' scenario to take place on tundra terrain.
  • Fixed rare crash after loading a game from the worldmap.
  • Fixed potentially wrong 'Bought for' values in the tooltip of food and trading goods after looting them or loading a game.
  • Fixed issue with 'Armed Courier' contract.
  • Fixed another issue of characters sometimes appearing as injured after loading when having certain character traits.
  • Fixed barber missing a hair style.
  • Fixed various text errors.

Worldmap Update

This update adds a range of quality of life improvements that you guys have been asking for.

There are now options for both 'Faster Player Movement' and 'Faster AI Movement'. Enabling these makes movement more or less instantaneous. Note that this only applies to actual movement and not movement skills (charge, rotation, etc).

Two more exotic new options are 'Auto-Loot' and 'Auto-End Turns'. The 'Auto-Loot' option is for those of you who can't remember to take loot after a won battle; you're still presented with the loot screen to see what you've earned, but everything not picked up by you is automatically transferred to your stash once you leave combat. The 'Auto-End Turns' option is enabled by default for the behavior you're used to. If you prefer to have to end all turns manually, and not have them end automatically as your men run out of Action Points, then disable this.

All of these options can be found in the 'Gameplay' tab of the game's options menu.

On the content-side of things, this update adds an updated and revised look for the grassland plains combat environment. Plains are now generally more flat than before, with smaller differences in height level. Hills and cliffs will, however, make a comeback with assets of their own and some usability improvements as we get to implement actual hill and mountain environments for combat. Here’s how the new grassland looks in the game.



  • Added optional 'Faster Player Movement' and 'Faster AI Movement' settings for combat.
  • Added optional 'Auto-End Turns' setting (enabled by default). Disabling this will result in turns no longer ending automatically as your guys run out of Action Points.
  • Added optional 'Auto-Loot' setting. Enabling this will result in automatically taking everything you didn't already take on leaving the loot screen. Note that this may fail if you run out of space.
  • Added additional information to tooltip of warning about weapons that are about to break.
  • Added automatic configuration of laptops to use their Nvidia cards instead of integrated Intel HD Graphics when running Battle Brothers. Requires starting the game two times to take effect. You can override this in the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Added two new twists to 'Escort Caravan' contract.
  • Changed combat environment for grassland plains to an updated and more detailed look.
  • Changed 'Escort Caravan' contract to have the caravan provide provisions for the duration of the journey. The player's own provisions won't be consumed while on the road but may still turn bad with time.
  • Changed relation mechanics slightly. Losing relations with a noble house due to player actions now also has a minor effect on the relation to all settlements owned by that noble house, and vice versa.
  • Changed name of 'Even Difficulty' to 'Normal Difficulty'.
  • Fixed potential crash after combat ends.
  • Fixed several issues with how faction relations work when more than one faction is present at a single settlement.
  • Fixed wrong hitpoints in combination with certain traits and status effects after loading.
  • Fixed camping button being greyed out still after reloading an earlier save during an active 'Escort Caravan' contract.
  • Fixed issue with 'Secure Cemetery' contract.
  • Fixed issue with 'Raze Location' contract.
  • Fixed issue with AI use of Rotation skill.
  • Fixed issue with AI potentially switching between weapons unnecessarily.
  • Fixed armorer and blast furnace missing three helmets.
  • Fixed display of some attributes changed by events not updating immediately.
  • Fixed game not ending gracefully when quitting via Alt+F4.
  • Fixed potential exploit when killing allied troops with AoE attacks.
  • Fixed caravan donkey being a valid target for the 'Rotation' skill.
  • Fixed various text errors.
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