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From 800 North, developers of Dino D-Day, comes Grappledrome! Grappledrome is a tense, multiplayer arena shooter built around a grappling/swinging movement mechanic. Think Unreal Tournament meets Bionic Commando!

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We are thrilled to announce that our second title, Grappledrome, will soon be available on Steam Early Access. Grappledrome is a tense, fast-paced multiplayer arena shooter built around a grappling/swinging movement mechanic - it's Unreal Tournament meets Bionic Commando. Soar through the map looking for the ideal weapon pickup before ambushing your victim from on high. Make spectacular escapes, swing past obstacles and find new angles to re-engage your enemy. Delight the Overlord as you kill each other for all eternity!

Key Features

  • Fast-paced, multiplayer combat
  • Unique grappling/swinging movement mechanic
  • Jetpack to get yourself out of trouble
  • Open, clutter-free maps that test your ability to shoot on the run
  • Unique weapon set with more on the way!
  • Offline play available in the form of Time Trial maps. Compete for the top spot on the Steam leaderboards!

Keep an eye out for release in February! Enter the Grappledrome!


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