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GR-18 becomes a sprinter, mountaineer, and a philosopher!

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Another week done and another round of thrilling creativity! This week GR-18 becomes a sprinter, mountaineer, and a philosopher! As always remember to click the level names to bookmark them for play later on - LET'S GO

Fiery Chase & Race

In ZiLyfe's panic-filled level Fiery Jem Rampage, you survive the wrath of the fire gods to win the race. Be ready with your sprinting shoes!

The frenemy!

Paragon Spekio, in his captivating level Blopfush Calculated Revenge, has pitted GR-18 against the notorious FRENEMY -- THE BLOPFUSH! Choose your level of intensity and remember... you reap what you sow!

Spice of Life

Alpaca Raider embraces variety in the level Peak Pendulum. Be ready for crazy permutations and combinations in this adventure!

Puzzling Descent

CJ5Boss has you descend a puzzling maze in the level Awakening Descent. Be aware of all the jems, switches and enemies to escape this descent and remember - FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION!

Unlock the mysteries of life

In Mysterious Lock Switch Nest, Silver Fox sets you up to unlock paths that lead to nirvana! Put on your zen face to get through this mystery called life!


  • PureKnickers has created a Halloween themed community event. Be part of the community to create 31 Halloween themed levels which will be showcased! Hurry up to confirm your spot!
  • Tim Conceivable's Toasty Flyblock Escalation reminds us of obstacle race on an escalator. Get ready to push past spikes and what not to reach the top as fast as possible.
  • TheGlock521's Rebound Tutorial: Move is a great learning level for the new Rebound powerup! Practice your mutant powers to get stronger.
  • Salmaster's Messy & Mountain Adventure lets you explore this giant mountain of level as you encounter enemies and treacherously steep falls!
  • Eleverion's Caverne De Piège À Pointes! tests your precision, timing, and patience. Stay calm and alert to win through this fun level!

Whaddya waitin' for?

Grab Levelhead over on Steam or download a free demo on Itch and make some levels :D

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