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This week GR-18 tried its hands & grappler at some Sports!

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Time for the best part of the week, playing and talking about Levelhead Community! This week GR-18 tried its hands & grappler at some Sports!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on.

Also, don't forget to nominate levels that you think are worthy of the Community Spotlight nomination form. The nomination for next week will be open till next Thursday morning!

Featured Levels

GR-18: TheBoxer

GR-18 is ready with the boxing gloves in Whee23's brawler level Hollow Night: Trial 1. Can GR-18 fight its way to the package for a safe delivery?

GR-18: The Ninja Warrior

GR-18 has worked on its upper body to swing across the universe in Nanomical's gripping level For 100! Will GR-18 make it till the end to grab the package and deliver the performance of its life?

GR-18: The Decathlete

GR-18 is ready for the world's greatest robot athlete award in JeanneOskoure's energetic level Wind Of Ruin. Can GR-18 score top points in all the events needed to win the package?

GR-18: The Speed Climber

GR-18 chalks its grappler and starts the stopwatch in DuckBag's thrilling level Mud Mind. Can GR-18's speedy spidy power grab the package at a world record pace?

GR-18: The Gymnast

GR-18 sprints, flips, and somersaults in TheDerpyBoyYT's zippy level Infinity Mayhem Surprise!. Will GR-18 land on its two twinkle-toed feet with the package in its grappler?

Featured Viewings:

After a day of playing, it is time to turn on some youtube and watch others play. Check out this week's featured youtube videos:

SamMeBe playing Good Levels in Random Playlist

SleepyHead Gamind Playing Viewer Levels

James Moore Playing levels

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