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Five months of hard work is finally over. Team Dual Wielding Wolves is glad to present to you, Goupé. This is the full release we're putting out and we hope that you enjoy every bit of it. With this release you have features such as, 4 player split screen, a custom level editor, achievements, collectible hats, and more. For more info, check the additional notes below...

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Goupé by Dual Wielding Wolves

What Is Goupé?
2.5 Side Scrolling Platformer Puzzle Game. You play as Goupé,a former French chemist who lost his body to a freak accident. He now has to Move, Jump and Stick to walls all while avoiding traps,to escape eminent death in the facility. Traverse through 30 single player levels with over 8 types of traps. Play Multiplayer with up to 4 players in 2 differnt modes. Build your own levels in an In-game level editor and share them with friends.

How do I share my Forge levels with friends?
To share your levels you will need to access you local "AppData" folder. All user generated levels are saved under in the following place:"\Double Stuffed Studios\Team Dual Wielding Wolves\Goupe\ForgeLevels"Copy the files, upload them online, and share them with the world.

Default Instal Directory - C:\Program Files\Double Stuffed\Dual Wielding Wolves\Goupe

System Requirements -
Operating system: Windows XP
Language: English
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU - E8400 @ 3.00GHz (2 CPUS)
RAM: 2046MB
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeFOrce 9800 GT
Approx. Memory: 512MB
Note: Game Requires DirectX9.0 Run Time and 360 Controller drivers

How To Play -

In-Game Controls Keyboard:
Move - A/D
Jump - Spacebar
Climb Vertical - W/S
Climb Horizontal - A/D
Unstick - Shift (can hold)
Suicide - Delete
Display Deaths - Tab
Pause - Esc
Camera Control - Right/Left/Up/Down
Center Camera - Press Camera Same Direction
Help Screen - F1

In-Game Controls XBox 360:
Move - Left Stick
Jump - A
Climb Vertical - Left Stick
Climb Horizontal - Left Stick
Unstick - Right Trigger
Suicide - Y
Display Deaths - Right Bumper
Pause - Start Button
Camera Control - Right Stick
Center Camera - Press Right Stick
Help Screen - Select Button

In-Forge Controls Keyboard:
Move - W/A/S/D/Up/Down/Left/Right
Drop In - P
Back to Editor - P
Context Menu - Spacebar
Select/Place - Enter
Delete Piece - Backspace/Delete
Attribute Window - Shift
Exit Attribute Window - Shift/Enter
Pause - Esc

In-Forge Controls Controller:
Move - Left Stick
Drop In - Back button
Back to Editor - Back button
Context Menu - Y
Select/Place - A
Delete Piece - B
Attribute Window - X
Exit Attribute Window - X
Pause - Start button

Known Issues:
- To play 2 players multiplayer, the first two controllers assigned one and two have to be the ones to join the match.
- Sound may slow down after some play time. Pausing the game and going back in should bring it back to normal.
- In Forge picking up a shooting spike that in a loaded level may be impossible if trap is facing right.
- While spawning in Forge may turn background darker for the period of spawn.
- Blowing fans effect will sometimes not display during replays.
- During some play sessions the camera controls may not function.
- Under heavy stress, tunneling may occur. Press the suicide button to reset your position.
- In forge a possible issue with placing retracing spike on top another might happen.
- There's a known leak in memory. Playing the game multiple times without restarting the computer can cause performace issues in the future.

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