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A new trailer for Error Ware 2, which is coming to Windows in 2017.

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Say goodbye to a crazy year with a crazy trailer!

2016 is almost over, another year in which I could not finish Error Ware 2... A sad year indeed.

But there is hope. Next year will be the year.

Not only will Nintendo make handheld gaming great again, no, I, CEO of U-GameZ, will make minigames great again. I will work hard to make this not only the best game U-GameZ ever released, but the best non-NIntendo-Wario Ware-game ever released... for Windows, I might add.

Bishi-Bashi seems to be quite good, too. Anyway, please watch this fancy new trailer I made (and try the demo!) for Error Ware 2:

You can find out more about Error Ware 2 at errorware.jimdo.com

Happy holidays! 2017 will be great!

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