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Hi, Foxies! It’s been a long time since we’ve shared some good news with you. It’s time to fix that.

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Hi, Foxies! It’s been a long time since we’ve shared some good news with you. It’s time to fix that.As you probably know, I could not work on the game for quite a long time after my computer crashed. But this does not mean that the other team members were idle! Today I’ll tell you what we have been doing all this time.

Text & Graphics

Finally, I have completed writing all the dialogues, phrases, and diary entries for the third chapter (there’s plenty of them!). In total, there will be 5 non-game characters with whom you can interact and communicate in the third chapter, so there will be many interesting dialogues. I have also finished creating graphics. The number of locations remains the same, as in the first and second chapter: there will be plenty of space to roam, but each screen will be richer. This week I’m giving all the graphics and texts of the third chapter to Sergei for assembling.


Sergei has done a great job during this time!Firstly, we switched to the UTF format and renounced bitmap fonts. This will allow fans of the game to translate it into any language.Secondly, books and diary were significantly improved. Now the books will have illustrations, and there will be Leah’s sketches in the diary.In addition, the rendering in the game engine has been rewritten from scratch, small visual errors were fixed, and a fractional coefficient was added in full-screen mode (because of it a white bar might have appeared between the scene and the inventory with some screen resolutions). All of the above will be available with the release of the third chapter.


Vlad has written all the compositions for the third chapter and is already actively writing music for the fourth! He also has made sounds for all the musical instruments of the third chapter, and there are many of them.


Without waiting until I can continue my work on the text of the third chapter, Wanda wrote all the texts for the fourth! The entire storyline, dialogs and books of the fourth chapter are ready. This will greatly accelerate its release.I will give Wanda the texts of the third chapter for translation into English very soon. Christopher, Panthera and Jan can’t wait to start translating the game into German and Polish.

That’s all I can report for today. I hope I managed to inspire and please you :)

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