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Okey so i made alot stuffs in the mansion level since it'll be the main level for the game. Here's the warps i made for the mansion. Thoses follows:
-Hallways and Library

Actually i planning to make a demo end in the Old Chapel level where the first piece of orb will be find. It'll up of the player if they'll take it or not but i planning to make a ending after the Old Chapel will be complete.

The good news is that i'll probably complete the demo version maybe this summer but i'll not make other parts for the mansion that didn't included for the demo so you may have to wait the complete version if you want a full exploration of the mansion.

The only problem is that i still having some troubles with scripts but i import scripts that works and makes senses for me. But what i don't know is how i can make a script active in the other map while the player is in another map and stuffs. That would be usefull for such levels like the Hallways and Library map, the mansion map, and the cellar map.

If you know how or have some ideas to proposes me for scares and other stuffs just comments here or send me a pm.

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