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World generation is starting to look good, I wonder what's next?

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World Generation!

Lately I've been working on the world generation for the game. I will post some more images on here later of different terrain shapes but there is one in this articles preview image.

Right now, the world is split into three layers. Surface layer, core layer and base layer. The surface layer uses a 1 dimensional noise function to generate it's hills and flat planes and the core layer uses a 2 dimensional function to generate the cave like structures. There is also a density throughout the world which changes in some parts but mainly, it becomes less dense as you go down to create richer caves and spaces to explore.

I'm currently implementing biomes into this generation process and it's coming along nicely. Initially I wasn't going to have biomes until later on in the development but I decided that if I use them now, I can work with a few more features that will drastically help out such as: temperature, density, moisture etc. I can use those factors to my advantage when I start to introduce resources to gather.

Since the last post I have implemented the chunk-loading system and I have also implemented a lighting system which is very dynamic to use and looks great in-game. So I'm hoping I can finish up the fundamental world generation soon and start working on some content.

Lastly, I have noticed an fps issue when higher resolutions are being used so I will also work on fixing/adjusting the rendering process so that this doesn't affect anything later on.

As I said before, I will post up some images and also upload a video of the game right now so you can see the work as it is! I hope you enjoy!

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