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I just wanted to give a quick update on the state of the game and all that jazz.

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So where is the game right now you may be asking since I've been working on this for months and posting rarely.Well as of right now the game is actually done, all art is done, all code is implemented and the game is done. THAT is to say that everything that I can do is currently done, we've been testing and there's the odd bug that needs fixing (nothing game breaking mind you) but that still leaves us without music, I've done as much audio that I can do by myself but I am not an audio technician. I'll be posting a video soon and potentially releasing a demo but before I do that I need to ask a big question. How would you/the public take a beta/alpha release that doesn't have music. Depending on the response to that I'll be starting talks with desura for publishing. I look forward to feedback and opinions on the subject.

As a side not I recently participated in the Global Game jam and though I forgot to register on the jam site (I was on site in Vancouver) here are a few of the images from the project (I'll be finishing it within the next two weeks) so here's some in progress shots of the game.

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