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Ghostly Voyage Gold Version is out! There's negative feedback added for more exciting gameplay and many major bug fixes. This is the final iteration for our game, hope you'll like it!!

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What’s New?

Major Changes:

  • Added Negative Feedback via ship damage and cannon charge rate
  • Changed Throw Hammer to Y Button for more comfort
  • Added vibration feedback for players in Login Screen
  • Clearer instructions for using Cannon in Ghost Tutorial
    • Highlighting cannon only when cannon is charged in tutorial
    • Clearer button prompt for cannon in tutorial
    • Changed the text from white to dark blue so it's more visible

Minor Juice Improvements & Fine Tuning:

  • Fixed bug with Molotov not spawning sometimes
  • Fixed bug for player escaping tutorial room (softlock)
  • Fixed bug with Molotov going off when player stands in the brown crate
  • Improved indication of dizziness when hit by hammer
  • Sound effects for projectiles hitting
  • Fire extinguisher refilling and depletion rate adjustments
  • Renamed "Bad Tutorial" room into "Ghost Tutorial"
  • Fixed bug where button prompt for pirates in tutorial only follows the more progressed player's progress
  • Easier aiming for pirates
  • More obvious color coding for the two pirates

What’s the Motivation?

For this final iteration, our main goal was to improve the player's experience in the game through professional polish and bug fixes for gameplay. The most prominent change from the last iteration was the introduction of negative feedback into our game to balance out the power levels of the Ghost and the Pirates. The Ghost's cannon charge time and damage to the ship is increased when he is behind. This was a direct response to the many feedback we received regarding the Ghost being too weak compared to the pirates.

Another major change was changing the throw hammer ability from Button B to Button Y on the XBox Controller. Since players thumbs mostly rest on either the X Button, we believe it is easier and more convenient for them to reach for the Y Button. The hammer throwing ability is further enhanced by improving the indication for dizziness and a sound effect when the hammer hits. This makes the ability much more natural and attractive to use. We hope these changes lead to players using the throw hammer ability more in gameplay.

We also added many major bug fixes that make gameplay a more enjoyable and stable experience. We were able to resolve the bug where the Molotov fails to spawn sometime. This bug put off many players, as seeing the cooldown go off for an ability without seeing any effect at all feels very frustrating. We also resolved the bug where players were able to escape the Tutorial room before the game starts, leading to a softlock.

What's next?

We hope our final iteration suits the public's taste for a party game. We have devoted much time to the iterative process of building this game. What we hope to achieve with our game is to bring a fun time to friends, families, and even strangers. We hope everyone enjoys it!

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