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Today we present our GOLD release of our game! Check it out!

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For this week’s iteration, we tried our best to flush out our game’s ideas by completing the game ending and working on bugs and major issues that had been brought up from playtesting.

  • Our game now includes a proper ending. Hop in, beat Monochrome, and learn what happens at the end!
  • Tweaked our particle system (for paint upon hitting the wall) so that the particles also destroy themselves on wall collision.
  • Fixed sorting layers of different sprites in the world to enhance the aesthetics of the game. Objects are now in the correct visual order.
  • Paintballs can now only bounce on walls of the same color. This is to avoid confusion and provide uniformity in the concept of colors in the game.

Two other issues that we have been actively trying to solve, but are still unable to for this iteration, relate to the flickering of the shield on direction change and the modification of the blaster to charge up on spacebar hold and shoot on release. Because of the tight deadline and how we originally architected our animations, we recognize that we could not entirely modify these behaviors and test them thoroughly to ensure they would not break the fundamentals of the game before the final release. We plan to work on it further if we are aiming for a later release.

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