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This post details the work we at Lights Out Studios put into developing Flickernaut in the week leading up to its final release.

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Our primary goals this week were to further immerse players into our world by polishing the aesthetics and adding additional lore throughout our game. The light world, in particular, received a large visual overhaul. The previous blocky look has been replaced with a more natural, rocky environment. Other aesthetic changes include a dynamic UI that more accurately shows when resources are collected, updated ship parts, more realistic doors, aliens who have mysteriously been powered down, a new teleport animation, and a less static player model in the dark dimension. If you’re lucky you may even spot the occasional shooting star.

To further expand Flickernaut’s lore, we added newly discoverable lore objects throughout the dark dimension. Playtesters really enjoyed the inclusion of a fellow explorer who met an unexpected fate in our beta. We leaned into this idea and placed a few more objects that players can interact with to learn more about this mysterious world. Most notably, a fun homage in our final level for those willing to partake in a bit of exploration. Players can look forward to a new cutscene and more balanced final level towards the end of our game as well.

Finally, to further amplify the action of Flickernaut, chase music was added to enemy interactions. Our light world movement has also been ironed out and is the most fluid version yet. Together with the rest of our changes and a variety of bug fixes, we are very proud of how far our game has come. We look forward to everyone getting their hands on our final release and hope you enjoy the changes as much as we enjoyed implementing them. Thank you, and happy flicking!

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