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This is the final devblog for the Apotheosis. After this release we don't plan on releasing anything else so this should be the last article.

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Final release is here!

Here's what we changed leading up to the official release of the game:

We did our best to add all sorts of juice to the game. Sfx has been added everywhere we deemed valuable such as on dashes and attacks. We also added controller rumble so that you can really feel the game. We overhauled the UI so it looks even better! Furthermore we wanted to give players a sense of purpose and drive in this game. To accomplish this we added some loading screens with the players' mission. Additionally, we threw in some screen transitions so things don't feel so jarring between fights. Making the bosses more satisfying to fight was also a big driver. We gave them intro cutscenes and between stage cutscenes. Bosses also not have death animations and explode when killed so they feel that much better to conquer. We also wanted the game to be more accessible. To accomplish this we added a ready up screen, which allows for a variable number of players and player classes. Lastly, we made some balancing changes and made Mars' attacks less dangerous but gave him more health.

Why we changed these things:

We didn't want to change any major components of the game leading up to the release. We felt like overall our game mechanically was in a good spot, so our time would be better spent adding juice than changing/adding mechanics. Our game felt pretty lacking in sound so that was a big focus for us. When we tried controller rumble it felt really good so we tried to work that into the game as much as possible without going overboard. The bosses also felt a little static so we tried to liven them up with cutscenes and death animations. Lastly the game felt inaccessible with needing exactly 3 players, so we added the title screen and variable player amounts.

What's next:

Playing! There are no plans for continued development so enjoy the release!

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