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patch notes of the gold version of the game. including bug fix, new features.

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What’s New:

We added new aesthetics and visuals to our game including:

  1. New starting menu. Now the player can press any button or key to start. The starting menu also comes with blinking cubot animation.
  2. New difficulty select. We added a new difficulty selection to make our battery count more useful. Now the player can select: 1) normal with 40 battery increment, 2) hard with 20 battery increment, and 3) extreme with Dev's lowest number of turns they needed to solve until next battery pickup.
  3. New Environment. We added more visuals to each level.
  4. New music. We have more various music including new level 3 music and ending music.
  5. New sound effect. We added new sound effects including sound effects for walking, teleporting, and key unlocking.
  6. New ending. We added two endings. If the player does not collect all the memory logs, happy ending will be shown at the end. However, if the player collects all the memory logs, they will be given a choice. If they choose yes, they will see a true ending, and if they choose no, they will see a happy ending (the same as when not all logs are collected).

What’s Been Fixed:

  1. Missing teleportation bug. We fixed our teleportation reference bug that prevented players from teleporting more than once in easy path in level 2.
  2. Missing cheat code. We returned the cheat code back to the game.

What’s next:

This is our showcase version. We hope you enjoy the game.

Keep on keeping on.

The end.

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