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Our Gold release is here! We have numerous improvements and bug fixes to greatly improve player experience. We hope you like it!

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This week we were focused on polishing our game for the final iteration. We added a stamina bar to our player’s UI, and also added breathing audio to the player when they are running low on stamina. Furthermore, we worked to iterate on the cutscenes, and added more juice to the end cutscene. Additionally, we added scene transitions to the game so they were not harsh transitions from one scene to the next. Moreover, to be more consistent, we add the player fonts into the inventory UI. Likewise, we added more styling to the game by changing our fonts in the main menu, end credits, and trailer. In conjunction, we worked on many bug fixes throughout the week in order to improve the quality of the game.

We added the stamina bar and breathing to give the player an indication of when they can run and for how long, as this was unknown earlier. The end cutscene felt a little lackluster given the twist in the ending, which is why we added more juice to it. Furthermore, we added transitions between all scenes and fixed all the bugs seen in playtesting to make the game feel more professional. The starting menu was also dramatically improved to reflect the quality of the overall game. We are not planning on adding more to the game, but if we were to make more changes we would work on adding a randomization aspect to the passcode. We wanted to add that feature in for the final version, but had to cut it due to time.


Mac Build: Indiedb.com

Windows Build: Indiedb.com

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