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A lot has happened since our last article. Learn all about Gojigaboga's gameplay, design and new art style. Don't miss our living world!

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Hello and welcome to our second article. It has been a while since our first article and much has happened. To start things of we attended a game exhibition in November called Gothenburg Games. It was really awesome and we got to meet a lot of people who tried our game demo. Three action-packed days to say the least. Probably some of you were there(hi!), but for those of you who weren't, we got a small gameplay video from the demo to look at.

Gothenburg Games 2015

So this is what the game looked like in November. We got a lot of feedback from the player at Gothenburg Games so the first thing we did when we got home was to redesign a few aspects of the game. The characters will be in 2D but the environment will be 3D. We adjusted the art style to better match the character against the environment background, now it blends together more satisfying.

One of our biggest features in the game will be what we call "Living World". We want to give you a game where the environment feels alive, a game where you actually feel like your actions affect your surroundings. For instance,

  • A bird in the tree outside the window, what happens when you open the window?
  • You open a heavy metal door and think no one will hear?
  • Suddenly a mouse runs across the floor, was it your actions that caused it?
  • You hide in a closet but forget to turn off your lighter, is that a good idea?
  • Looking out through the window across the street to the next building, lights turn on and off, you see silhouettes, what are they doing?

Our goal is to really bring the environment to life to encourage the player to really think about their decisions and play style. Most of the objects found in the world will be interactive - you can inspect, open, switch on/off, take, destroy, etc. But remember, your actions will have consequences.

So to get through a the game you will have to investigate and interact with your surroundings, looting objects and performing mini-games (for instance, rewiring a malfunctioning electric box). But don't think you can take your time and do it all relaxed and freely. You will often not be alone... We have some interesting antagonists to keep you occupied while you try to traverse our living world.

You are rummaging through that cornet cabinet for useful items when you hear a loud scraping noise coming from the next room. It's getting closer to the door. What do you do, keep searching or find a place to hide?

Teaser of first antagonist

The basics of chapter 1 has been laid out. We have decided what role each room should play but all furniture and the like has not been fully determined yet. Windows and door have been carefully placed to allow hiding spots and peeking spots to give the player the visual input they need. What you see on the picture below has already been created in-game but we are not ready to show that to you yet, first we need to fill the rooms with objects.

Room layout for Chapter 1

That brings us to our next exciting reveal - most of the 3D models in the game will be created by us contrary to what we planned earlier. We started modelling from scratch with no experience but we are pleased with the result so far. Here is a taste of the models we have created, probably not all of them will make it into the final game. Please note that most of these models are currently using a placeholder texture.

20 models

That's all we got to tell you at the moment, thank you for reading our article. We appreciate any feedback you might have. Please follow our development on Twitter and Instagram if you want more frequent updates. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the real living world until you can have ours.


The gameplay sure feels immersive in the video. And once again, I'm with you guys wholeheartedly.

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hypeatized Author

Thank you! Really glad to have fans like you!

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Looks Good
Walking is too slow or you just wanna fix the animation to make it better!

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