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Hold on to your seats, today is the day we're showing GODPOWERS!

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Hold on to your seats, today is the day we're showing GODPOWERS! We asked our Discord community to vote which hero's godpowers they wanted to see first and they chose Saule!

In this article we're going to highlight some of Saule's skills: Solar ray, Serpent of the hearth, Flooding light and the Amber tear. Of course skills might change as development progresses, but these are some that we feel fairly certain about.

1. Solar ray:

A ray of light pierces from the sky scorching the enemy it hits. Or it can heal allies, with the healing being more potent.


2. Serpent of the hearth:

Select a resource generating building and add a serpent of the hearth to it which acts like an additional worker slot. The serpent of the hearth is based on the zalktis - small grass snakes, which are thought to be sacred creatures to Saule and are kept in the dwellings of Baltic tribes. They provide good luck to whoever has them in the house.


3. Flooding light:

The sky opens up as Saule pours down light, flooding the area with warm healing light for all friendlies.


4. Amber tear:

As Saule cries, her tears fall down from the sky in the form of amber. When the tear hits the ground, it grows into a magical defensive tower. The amber tear bursts out radiant damage around itself whenever enemies are nearby.


Don't forget to vote for us in the IndieDB awards, as we were nominated in the top 100!

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Looking great!

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