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The new versions of GLAD.IO character creation discussion!

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The character creator has been a major success and though it has, it is still unrefined. I have to make the UI much better, make more morph targets, and get a better mesh.

The UI will change alot depending on the UI in the main game. I'm going for a futuristic look.

The morph targets will be a bit more of a problem. I can't create any more due to the limitations of blender, and I don't want to have to re-key the mesh. (Though I probably will end up doing that eventually anyway) Plus if I get a new mesh, I have to redo ALL of it. EVERY LITTLE ONE will have to be redone. I also want to make a male version and add more options for hair.

But anyways, if you haven't already checked out the charactor creator, then go ahead and take a look at it. I'll see you next time (Hopefully with devlogs!)

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