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The game of Glad.IO's main article containing a Summary (Like this one!) of how this idea came to be

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One day.... I began to watch SWORD ART ONLINE and was like "Wouldn't that be cool if it were real?" and so I decided to create a video game based off of some concepts of the Anime. I am an Otaku and I <3 videos games and programming. So, I decided "Screw it, TIME TO MAKE THIS GAME!) So I started downloading Unreal and though "Wtf am I supposed to do with this idea?" And so.... This page was born..

Now I spend all of my free time working on making this game, and I would like your help! You as a User/Dev/Whoever you are can help me! I can't make 3D models worth anything. The best I've done is make a Minecraft character in blender. (That is a bit of an exaggeration. I don't suck THAT much ;) ) But if you want to contact me, or send models to me, send a link to buttersquidink@gmail.com

And have an AWESOME DAY

(And if you are wondering Gladio is the Latin word for Sword)

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