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So a website for this game could not miss , we will use it for downloads , news announcements even to show who is the team .

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What it's the current status of the game , and how will evolutionate and how well it's coming along?

Well , gladiators of the arena basic concept ,it's that the first version of the game "GOTA 1" will be single player , but it's going to have a great RPG element , almost fully developed , that will make the player get into a vicious state , of having more and more .

Companion recruiting: This will be the backbone of the game , if you run alone in the forest you will have to fight dozens of bandits , and maybe real dangerours pack , or indidivual animals such as bears and wolves, so with them you will be able atleast to not have to fight them alone , and after that steal they're possesions to sell them to the merchants or storing them.

you equip them yes , and this feature it's already developed you can even use them as mules of charge .

they get hurt , how then make them recover ?, they will indeed get hurt , the way they will recover it's by hiring a medic , or feeding them with food , and they will drink wáter automatically when they have the chance.

you won't be alone in the arena since in teammatches and survival matches you will bring them with you .

Sleep eat drink

So there will be kind of a survival feature that will make you need to eat after certain times and drink wáter aswell sleep .
But where can i sleep ? either on the floor or a the house you can buy , and the bed you can buy aswell .

Semi open world how this Works ?

Open world it's an option that requires alot of optimization skill and a lot of knowladge about the engine , we lack , and we don't really need to learn , so we take the easy way , making that you travel trhough a map to the different levels of the game.

So i will be able to travel if im fighting ?

No you will have to scape , or kill the threats else you can say good bye to the idea to travel and scape through that option

House hold

Just like in GTA in the game you will have many options on wich buildings to buy , and they will have more or less complex stuff , more space or not


You buy the furniture for your house , beds amphoras for water ovens ...

Slave or citzen

well this game it's not 100 % historically accurate , we know roman free gladiators couldn't really bring who ever they wished in the arena, and that they could use they're own weapons on the arena , but in gota it's posible since a game it's a game , and the objective it's to entertain .

So there wil lbe 2 kinds of gladiator modes , the slave mode , that will make you have to stay in a ludus , that in it , there will happend random events that will keep the player busy , and it's aswell a mode that will bring the action all the time...

in the other hand being citzen , either if you already started as citzen or you got your freedom , after being slave ( we'll do that you can ) ,you will mostly seek the action going to hunt in the forest or subscibing yourself in the arena , with your or without your companions , and giving them orders.

As stated before , this , well most of this features are already working , we are still working in the levels , and polishing such features till they are unbuggy .

Future plans about gota: Wouldn't be this game multiplayer stonishing and a lot of fun ? well for the version if things go well, we plan on making it aviable for multipalyer , atleast matches , who knows if maybe we can make for example , Forest hunting multuiplayer, yes this is referring to gota 2.

Kickstarter: We already failed one kickstarter , gave us atleast a Little of audience , we really need audience , spread the voice if you can , that will really help us more even if you donate money to us, make a game it's ultra hard , and we fear to make something stonishing and that no one will play it.
Back to the question , we may start another kickstarter soon or later , and we hope not to fail it.

So here you have the website to follow us more inside and track the latest version you just have to type this in your browser www.gladiatorsofthearena.org .

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