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We finally have news on the progress of our alpha build.

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Hey Tal'Dorians!

Hope everyone is having a great week as we have some awesome news in store for this article! Our giveaway is finished; so we will be sending emails out for that and we have some news on the progress of our alpha build.


  • Competition
  • Open Alpha
  • Community Creations


We at SuneX Games want to thank everyone who took part in the contest or helped us with retweeting about the giveaway & trailer! Doing events like these are fun for everyone but it is monumental for letting more people learn about Dungeons of Tal'Doria; so we cannot thank you enough!

Winners have been selected automatically by the app and the emails are already sent out for the winners. If you are selected as a winner you will be assigned a game based on your response to the question part of the giveaway, if you didn't answer this question then you will get the remaining game after the other winners have been given their selections.


  • Fri3ndlyGh0st
  • Boskovic
  • Pokutnii
  • TTrusT
  • Егор T.

Please try to reply as soon as you can if you are sent an email by us, if we can not get a hold of you in 3 days we will need to redraw the winner.

With your help we were able to gain over 75 retweets for our Twitter post, 30 additional members on our Discord Server, well beyond 150 members on our Steam group, and we have just went past 250 views on our Trailer.

Open Alpha

Light in Jungle
Just a few light sources in the darkest jungle

Our first alpha version is almost ready to have players help us test two of the early systems we have ready. We would like your feedback on the movement and fighting to make sure that the game feels right when playing it which is why we are focusing on those two elements first.

We will be selecting testers from our newsletter subscribers but it's not too late to be included! Just head over to our homepage and there you can sign up for the newsletter which will automatically put you in the drawing to be a tester.

Light in Jungle
You will be able to collect coins. Many coins!

In the alpha you will have a chance to play alone or together with friends to survive as many hordes of skeletons as you can! Skeletons will come in waves and if your able to live long enough you may even get to face off with our special boss-skeleton that we made for you.

Light in Jungle
Fight against skeletons

Creepy, isn't it?

Community Creations

Small Goblin
Small Goblin by @Twin (Discord)

Sword by @SchokoTorten (Discord)

If you’re interested in sharing your designs for weapons, shields, armor and the like please join our Discord server!

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