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Super Cryptark is now hosted on GitHub. It is possible to download and play the work in progress.

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I recently learned and understood how to use github, so I put the Super Cryptark mod up there into a repository. By clicking the green "clone or download" button, then Download ZIP, you can grab the latest version of the mod so far in development.

This is not an official release thought, its just me making a backup for the mod, organizing it so that I can work on it easier and be able to work on it from almost anywhere. It also gives the opportunity for others to "fork" the mod and make their own Cryptark mods based off it.

In other news, I've been lately occupied with studying C# programming in general, so progress has been slow. Last weekend I managed to get started tweaking the lightmap system settings to overhaul the lighting of the game in its full graphics mode.

I deduced a general understanding of how it works, so I feel a bit more confident working with it and I also got some ideas on how to approach it to achieve a good result. I may make another post about that specifically later, explaining it.

The current version on github is stable and has a lot of significant improvements. It still lacks the main meat of adding all the new guns I made the projectiles for previously, but several new items are there, tier system is there and a minimal lightmap system overhaul is there. It's good.

Grab it if ye want: Github.com


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