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Post news RSS Getting In Gear- 3/17/2013

Times starting to fly and so are the levels. There are currently 29 build levels and 14 completed levels.

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Getting In Gear

New Levels Almost Completed

There comes a time when you sit down for a few days, and you put a large amount of time into a project in one sitting. Say what you will, but in the past week, the number of competitive levels jumped from 10 to 14. That means were up to 14 levels ready to be played.

Some music mixing has also been in heavy supply recently and four songs have been added to the playlist. The music is retaining the techno theme that the original music contains, but has acquired a slight dramatic undertone to suit the new levels.

Speaking of new levels, i am currently working on a separate system that will feature novice levels to suit newer players following a suite of alpha tests. Unfortunately some game concepts are extremely difficult to grasp but none the less these levels will still try to appeal to everyone's skill set.

New Prussia

To wrap things up, the latest picture comes from New Prussia, a city level on a radioactive planet that has been devastated by a rather large sink hole. This level may take upwards of 2 hours to master and is sure to have some memorable scenes. Track Spaced to stay informed.


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